The Best Five Songs From The Rolling Stones

the rolling stones

The Rolling Stones are considered by some to be the greatest band of all time. They have a wide array of fantastic songs in their catalog. Below, you’ll find five of the best songs the Stones ever recorded. Read on to see if your favorites made the list.

1. Let’s Spend The Night Together

The sexy lyrics and R&B flair of this song helps it stand out from the rest of the Stones catalogs. It features excellent vocal work from Mick Jagger, and it has a very nice blues influence.

2. Fool To Cry

While The Rolling Stones are primarily known for their rock hits, some of their best tunes are very soulful. Fool To Cry is a simple ballad with a strong emotional core behind it. It’s sweet, but it also has a real simmer to it. Any Stones fans will be blown away by Jagger’s vocals on this great track.

3. Tumbling Dice

One of the most famous things about Mick Jagger is his swagger. It’s hard to deny the presence that he has, whether you’re watching a live performance or listening to one of their better tracks.

You can hear that swagger full-force in the song Tumbling Dice. Although the recording quality on this song isn’t great, the confidence of Jagger and his band really shine through.

4. Start Me Up

Start Me Up is one of the biggest hits the Stones ever had, and it’s easy to see why. This song feels as though it was written by rock stars, and it wouldn’t work for any other band.

Start Me Up has catchy lyrics and a strong beat, but it also has an authoritative feel. When you listen to it, you feel like you’re hearing a great band in their prime.

5. Jumping Jack Flash

Both Keith Richards and Jagger shine on this psychedelic Stones hit. It’s an incredibly creative song, but it’s still accessible enough to have achieved chart success. The chorus is extremely catchy, and just about anyone will start tapping their toes when they hear its powerful riffs.

Because the Stones had so many great songs, it can be hard to determine the best of the best. Still, these five songs really stand out from the crowd. Give them a listen and see if you feel the same way. All of these songs are hard to resist.

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